Sunday, November 4, 2012

misssing my blog!!~~~

hye encik cinta...dah lame tak update ckit lately all the visitor..thanx for drop by on my blog..not too much info..haven't much time get to make an entries here...bubbye..btw..insyaallah i'll be update more often after this..but did't promise too!! beloved shoki..this song was dedicated to you..hope you enjoy it.. <3..lots of love

Friday, May 25, 2012

my best boy..hehe

who is him?? ..ya..i'm also blank here..haha..this is my special someone..sayyidinie!! <3 <3..i've been fall in love for him since 2010..but i dont know why, i'm just updating him now..hehe..sorry dear!!~~..even we have to face many barriers in our relationship..from people around us..yet, I know that u can be my Imam one days..insyaAllah..and I know u can change her one day..I noe u get what I mean rite..and if u read my post here, i want u to know that, how long it takes for her to accept me, i'll waiting for you..unless Qada n Qadar said that we're not meant to be together..I want you to be honest n try to be the best in spreading jada wajadda..wa man zaro'a hasoda..gud luck!! get the best when you give the best out of others..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

it's been a long time..'s been a long time since i make a new entry in my blog..
myb I'm quite busy to look at my blog...feel lil sad coz I leave my blog alone w/o updating him..huhu...sorry baby..hurm....since I'm sitting my last final examination paper on last Sept,. now I can feel restless and some quite nervous because I dunno whether I've made a good job on it or not...hurm...hope I won't disappointed all my family especially my abah n mama...pray for my luckiness ya...(n_n)

Monday, May 16, 2011

h[a]p[p]y t[e]a[c]h[e]r[s] d[a]y....

16 is the all teachers n lecturers in the world..i wish u guys happy teachers day..wish u had a great day today wif all the gift arounds u..hee~..i also like to wish a happy teachers day to my important person in the world which is my beloved parents..eventhough they're not teacher for real..they are actually my first teachers when i was born in this superb world..i love you guys so muchy2.. back to the previous greeting..i would like to continue my speech to my beloved teacher in my secondary school..Pn.Asiah Ramli..she taught me an accountancy subject and i would like to say mountain2 of thx bcoz now i'm taking her subject lesson as my courses in my university even i never pass in this subject when i still school..but on my pre-u i had done my best till i can sit in this killer course..hehe..million2 thanx also to all my cikgu,ustazah,miss,mr and every one out there who celebrate teachers day today bcoz u had taught me n my frenz with all ur sincere heart,,THANK YOU SO MUCH..I LOVE U GUYS..u're the best teacher ever..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

miss you guys

nurul fatin fareesha
definately..i really miss this girl...
who is she to me?? yepp..this is my ever besties fren i thought in ma life..
we've been fren since primary..i really thx to Allah coz bestowed her in my life..
since kitorg's been so much unforgetable memory...haha..pena satu mase tu..we're going back home by jalan kaki..just imagine our school to our home its not too near..but it's about 3 kilometer i think..reallly tiring journey...tak sgke gler..tapy ta pyah ckap la baju camne un..mmg basah gler la..n raseny kalau perah..mmg ckup sebaldi kowt..hehe..but it's very sweet moment..i love you so much abey..(ouh our fellow..she also known as abey) hehe...n serius cakap..kwan ngan dyer mmg best..all my probs i can refer to her..n were like a sister..n i hope this frenship will last forever and fragrant blom...insyaallah..


yeah..tis is my next gurl..anisah shamad..pendek je she studies at KUIS...ya..i also miss her rite now..just imagine were getting closer since primary and till secondary...we're also studied in a same school..bukan tu je..but also in same class from form 1 till 5..then we're going separetely to further our study..hurm..bile dyer cuti ak ade klas..bler ak cuti dyer plak da sambung klas..what a tired our not related time i hope you be a good person..good graduater..caring fren..and last but not least i hope you still remember our frenship..n i hope you will be my fren forever....i love you..

to those in this below pic..i also really appreciate you guys effort to cheerish our frenship..i hope we can hang up together again like our previous you guys..and thanx for colouring my life..

on the right: my beloved husna..we're also been fren
 since primary...she was a loveable person in her life..i really miss u..

halim..or i used to called him Im..becoming a doctor one day..

left: emo gurl..really know how to getting along with
people around her..n also a committed person..otak yang agak giler2..
with the person on right side: nur nadiah..hehe..tis is my discipline
school teacher partner for badminton game bcuz i play in
doubles..u're a great partner nedy..

syed uzair al asyraf..myb will become an accountant
or myb will be a singer..
i dont know..but i wish the best for ur entire life


Saturday, February 26, 2011


i love exam??

myb coz I need to revise all the thing that I've been studied previous..huhu...
what a mess thing lol..

will i be like tis??

hehe...I hope nope..but somehow..we can't expect wut will happen rite??
na tekucil la..lupe na solve camne la..n so on,,,so,
to make sure everything goes smoothly..
we need to make an early preparation la..jgn da na terkucil sangat bwu na cari tandas la..
mmg terbaek la klu jadi camtu kan?? to avoid this unexpected thing.. i wanna share sum tips before sitting an exam..hiyakkk>>>>>
  • Think about the type of course. 
  • Try to infer from the type of instruction what to expect from the exam.
  • Try to infer from the studyroute that offers the course what kind of questions will be likely to appear in the exam.
  • One might infer what to study by the way the lecturer tries to get you to prepare for the classes. 
  • Find out if there are old exams you can use to prepare for the real thing (student organisations collect them). There often are.
  • Ask older students about the exam.
  • Ask the lecturer to give a 'mock' exam, or at least a few questions of the kind he might be using in the real exam.
    my wish..

     even we want or don't want..we have no choice...just think simple pnat2 ni bkan nye ta bbaloi..but it is really worth cuz u gonna get the best one just after you do the hard one..for our future last but not least..just take it as easy thing n not a burden that u have to carry..adios..(n_n)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

mama tersayang...

hehe...da agk lame ta mengupdate blog  ni asenye..
bkan aperw..juz lil bit bz with study..n exam tat round d corner..
so skang bwu la pat rest ckit ngadap lappy n blog ni...hehe..(n_n)..

tetibe aritu sdang elok ak na g klas..alih2 dpt mcg..mama msok ward..klm kbot ala na prg dunie la jugak isawnye..
maklumlah anak mama abah..hehe..mama ttbe cam kne attack food poisoning,,,agak trok gak la..mama nie ley dkatekan jrg sakit..tpy klu da kena tu..tu yg agk susa na cure tu...ak lak tak pat balik..yela ak at melaka..mama abah at kajang..klu tade klas asenye mmg da balik la ak..selamat abah ade tman isteri terchenta..

abah yang setia menemani mama...
semalam ak ase na jgak balik kjang..tgok mama..mmgla pade mulenye dowg ta bg ak balik..tapi alang kepalang sementare ta bape na bz ni..baik ak balik..babny ade la jugak org lain ganti abah jage mama..dah la kakak pown tak pat ak pown ape lagi..pas da men masak2 nan pale otak ni...akhirnya ak balik jugak tgok mama...hehe....dalam tren pulak,,,punyelah ngantowk ta hingat dunie...n last ak tetido jugak...ak bkan ta mo tdo lam tren..tapi tah nape ptg tu, owg yg bagi tau destination mane yg da campai tu ta bgtau plak..tu yg ak tamo tido tu...sdap2 ak tdo ttbe tsentap bab kretapi brek..alih2 ak pandang lua..tgok2 da campai Bangi...selamatlah ak ta tlepas tren tu..start tu ak twos bdiri n tamo dduk da..tkot ttdo lgi..agypown prepare sng na last campai jugak ak at Kajang..sampai je..ak twos g hosp tgok mama...mama ape lgi hepy la jugak tgok anak bongsu dyer ni balik..da lame ta jumpe..(padahal bwu 2 minggu je ak ta balik)..hehe..tapi besela..tade kwn na gdo..bese ak ni la yg banyak ckp at uma tu, yg salu na usik mama..hehe..lege hati biler tgok mama da oke..

anak mama...hehe... tadi doc gtau mama da bley discharged da..hoorey lege asenye...yela dari smalam ak ta balik uma..tman mama at ward..bagi chance abah balik rest ptg tadi..kol 4..mama da kua ward da..setelah 3 days 2 nite at hosp..hehe..Alhamdulillah..
to mama: semoge cpat semboh tau..pasni kalo makan tu..baik2..tkot poisoning kakak2 nurse kpmc n doc..thx ye..jage mama...hehe...(n_n)...i love you ma..